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Song of America quality wild bird seed is the culmination of years of research and personal experiences. Your complete satisfaction with this product is backed by our company’s 100% guarantee. We have earned the reputation as being the highest quality, fastest service, and best company to work with. How do we know this, our customers tell us everyday. In order to bring in the most desirable wild birds you have to provide the proper seed. Our blends are formulated to take the guess work out of what to offer in your back yard.

Song of America- custom bird seed mix

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Custom Bird Seed Mixes to attract a variety of birds to your backyard feeders. 

Safflower, millet, nyjer seed, cardinal candy, finch feast, sunflowers, nutra saff, nut and fruit, peanuts, corn, classic blend, patio blends, wildbird, and many other choices of bird seed mixtures available.